Jill Hollingsworth is an excellent teacher – she always strikes the perfect balance between having fun and learning. She keeps the classes moving at a good pace, so you’re always learning something new and being challenged. She really encourages her students to get to know each other as a group and to become familiar with dancing with different partners. Signing up for these lessons has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time! Not only am I having a great time, but I’ve made new friends. I now look forward to Mondays.
Wanda S. - Mississauga, Ontario
After some careful consideration of whether or not taking salsa lessons were for me, I decided to take them. As a male, not known for his abilities to dance, I came to realize that dance lessons can be a lot of fun. Jill’s teaching method made me very confident and, most importantly, helped me discovered that I do not have two left feet…! I have progressed through a couple of levels and have made great friends along the way. I would strongly recommend Salsa Dance Productions as the place to learn.
César T. - Mississauga, Ontario
Dear Jill,My husband (Rico) and I take your Wednesday, “Fundamentals of Salsa” class and I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time we are having. You handle the class with humour and precision, and, my husband, the “I don’t dance, I’m a kickboxer”, is actually asking me to rehearse with him! Your methodology is exceptional. My only regret about this experience, is that we have reached “The Halfway Point”. I’ve suggested to Rico, that we continue with the next session. Regardless of his decision, I would love to continue.
Thank you for your patience and your expertise.
Muchissimas gracias.
Connie P. – Etobicoke, Ontario
Hi Jill,
Just wanted to let you know that I fully enjoyed the first session of classes last night. I am definitely looking forward to all future classes!
You’re teaching style is succinct and fun!
Bevan B. - Brampton, Ontario